The FUTRE project is co-financed by
European Commission Directorate
General for Research & Innovation
as part of the 7th Framework Programme

WP 3 Long-term perspective on the demand side

WP3 the focus is on factors influencing the future evolution of demand needs and behaviour. It performs a future analysis on demand behaviour for mobility services and products and it delivers a clear set of possible different pathways for types of mobility services and products demanded in the passenger and freight markets. The methodology will be based on the results of previous research projects but also on the organization of a set of participatory sessions in which relevant stakeholders and experts will reflect on the most important trends. Complementarily to other specific analyses on the future of transport demand side, which generally have a strong focus on the sustainability of the transport system, this analysis will be combined with a discussion of their potential impact on competitiveness. Moreover, it is relevant to distinguish between the evolutions of demand behaviour in different regions of the World.